‘n Eerlike Liefdesgedig

Hierdie gedig is geskryf deur ‘n Blogger vriendin van my en ek hoop julle geniet dit soveel soos ek.  Gaan kyk gerus by http://argent-delusionsofadequacy.blogspot.com na haar ander skryfwerk.

A Scientific Valentine


I’d like to catch the moon for you, and place it in your hand
But its mass makes it unwieldy and too dangerous to land.
If it were in my power, Love, I would fetch the twinkling stars
But they’re balls of flaming hydrogen, and just might leave a scar.

I wish that our two hearts could join and then could beat as one.
But the Docs won’t do the surgery, they say it can’t be done.
I’d say your lips were roses, your kisses taste like wine
But that’s a false perception, a neurological warning sign.

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? It’s vague and imprecise!
A Polar daytime lasts six months and is filled with snow and ice.
Until the 12th of never, dear, I would gladly pledge my heart.
But the universe, expanding, is driving us apart.

The greatest minds, the brightest brains, cannot make sense of this
There’s no objective measure for the meaning of a kiss.
There are some things, like love, it seems, we are not meant to measure.
But you are still my Valentine, my unquantifiable treasure.

By Argent


6 responses to “‘n Eerlike Liefdesgedig

  1. 😉

    Dit was hoog tyd om te vertel watse bog die romantiese stories is. Ek neem aan dat mense wat nie romanties is nie, prakties is. Hulle doen wat gedoen moet moet, dat die met hulle koppe in die wolke (as hulle nie vries of versmoor nie) nie te hard sal aftuimel nie.

  2. Baie waar!!

  3. Og, dis mooi! 😉

  4. Ek kan hier uit my hoekie somme hoor hoe die ovaries handeklap 😆

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